Tarifa, typical white village

Andalusian essence

The city of Tarifa maintains the essence of a typical Andalusia white-village. Walking along its narrow streets of white houses will transport you into the heart of its local history.

One of the most important monuments is the Arabic Wall, which once witnessed the famous feat of Guzman "The Good" and is now part of the "Historic-Artistic Grouping".

The heritage of the city is full of diversity. Inside the municipality we can find a great variety of prehistoric remains, including dolmens and burial of various ages.

There were also several romans settlements near Tarifa, being Baelo Claudia the most important one and the best preserved. This spectacular archaeological set by the beach of Bologna, is a must see.

Nowadays Tarifa is a cosmopolite town, where tradition coexists with the modernity brought by the visitors from all around the world. A place full of Andalusia charms, easy to fall in love with.

Once you visit Tarifa, the experience will remain in your memory forever and it is almost certain that you will want to come back again.



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