A never endless ocean of crystal waters

The ocean and the sea

Tarifa, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet. The encounter of both seawaters is the perfect environment for a unique and magnificence marine life, perfect for divers which can pratise a variety of types of diving (wreck dive, shallow dive, deep dive, etc).

Divers will found a submerged garden of immense beauty and the variety of sites, the different depths and the transparency of the water will allow them to practise diving at any level.

Tarifa is also the perfect spot to practice and enjoy sailing. Once aboard you will find the most spectacular landscape of the natural park of the Strait of Gibraltar just in front of your eyes, with unspoiled beaches waiting to be discovered.

The Strait of Gibraltar is also a stopping point for marine mammals: dolphins, rorcuales, killer whales, cachalots, etc. This make Tarifa a perfect place to observe a diversity of cetacean.





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