Geographical location

El Asturiano is located in the historical town center of Tarifa, in the Andalusia region. It is the most southern point of the European continent, also the point where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet.

This location offers one of the most amazing landscapes, an unique microclimate with the wind as its main attraction.



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How to arrive from Malaga airport?

Follow the signs to Cadiz or/and Algeciras in the AP-7 motorway then the E-15 highway towards Algeciras. Once you arrive to Algeciras, you will have to follow the signs to Tarifa to get into N-340 way, which will offers you the most amazing views of the african coast despite its right and left bends.

The main entrance to Tarifa from the N- 340 is at a change of gradient. Once in Tarifa, you must follow the main road that will take you to 'La Puerta de Jerez'. El Asturiano is located just a few meters before.

How long it takes from any of the local airports if you travel by car?

Gibraltar airport: 45 minutes
Jerez airport: 75 minutes
Malaga airport: 120 minutes
Seville airport: 140 minutes

Hostal El Asturiano. Coronel Francisco Valdés Street (Amador de los Ríos), 8. 11380 Tarifa Spain. Telephone +34 956 680 619. Mobile +34 618 385 301. designed by ana carnicer

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